White Lodge Therapy Room

What Is Reflexology & What It Can Do For You

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and as such works with the whole person, not just the condition. This is called the holistic approach to health care. Whilst the reflexology treatment originates outside you, the healing comes from within. Holistic therapies promote wellness; the balance between the mind, body and the environment. The reflexology treatment offered at White Lodge is beneficial & enjoyable; it works well with conventional medicine.

Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points either on the feet or hands, to influence the health of corresponding parts of the body. Reflexology brings about a state of deep relaxation and stimulates the body’s own healing powers to return to a state of balance and well being. Stress and illness can cause the body’s natural energy pathways to become blocked and so by applying pressure to the reflex points, the reflexologist aims to rebalance ‘energy’ in the client’s body and stimulate the natural healing processes.

Reflexology is a therapy that helps to release the clients own natural healing potential. A reflexology treatment improves the circulation, stimulates the immune system, and helps detoxify the body of impurities. It offers a very enjoyable, natural, drug-free and effective treatment option for many health conditions; whatever your age and / or state of health. This relaxing therapy has something to offer everyone.

Treatments are available in the therapy room in White Lodge. To make an appointment, please call or leave a message via this website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Viv Barker.
VTCT Diploma in Reflexology MAWP